Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stamp Room Reorganized!

Finally! I am ready to give you a tour of my stamping studio! Since I have not yet mastered how to do a YouTube video, you'll just have to take the pictorial tour ;-)

This room used to be my daughter's bedroom. When she got married and moved out, at last I had a chance to get my own stamping space. And our family got back their dining room! :-)

It is located downstairs, which is really convenient for me. I can scoot in and out all day in between whatever else I am doing. My computer is in here, my music is in here, along with pretty much anything I could want for making cards and scrapbook pages. I absolutely love being in here!

So come on in and take a look!
(Note: if you click on the photos, they will be larger and details will show better.) ;-)

There is just one window, but it provides a lot of sunlight. (I had to close the blinds for the pics.)

I love my desk area. I spend so much time sitting here. Many the things I use most often are close to my reach. I think my favorite thing here may be the paper rack. It was given to me by an incredibly generous friend. She gave up stamping and gave me more things than you could imagine- including her paper rack.
My contractor's father (and husband of my best friend) had a great idea when he saw it: to cut the top of it off and slide it into the cabinets! And it fit perfectly! He secured it in there and it is just wonderful.
I also love the ribbon holders. I first saw them on SplitCoastStampers. They are actually rain gutters! Brilliant, don't you think?
And I am crazy about the towel rails from IKEA to hold my Stampin' Up! punches. Thank you for sharing that idea, Pam! :-)

I have made use of the space above the cabinets by putting various baskets up there. Every single basket is jammed full of either loose stamps or embellishments (most are stamps).

I like not having doors on the cabinets as it allows you to see where everything is. Out of sight, out of mind, right? However, it's a real challenge to make everything look nice and tidy. Obviously I am struggling with that, lol! Any ideas you want to share with me to make this look nicer? I especially hate the cords for the computer things and extensions, etc. But I have not found a way around that (yet). Although, most of my Sizzix stuff is pretty well organized up top. It's the bottom shelves I have a problem with.

Here is what I see if I turn around in my chair: The antique quilt is actually hung in front of a pair of French doors. I decided it was better to cover them, since I don't really need them, and make use of the space as if it were just a wall. I just got this love seat about a week ago. It's the perfect size and super comfy and cozy. Plus, it folds out to a twin size bed. Nice for if I am sick and don't want to get my husband sick. Or if he's sick and I don't want to catch it, lol! Or, if I have an overnight guest :-)

To the right of the sofa is just a small portion (yes, honestly) of my cd's. Most either belonged to my brother, or they were cds he sent to me. He kept the postman very, very busy with all the music he sent us over the years! :-)

And to the left I have a portion of my cd collection. Yep- only a portion, lol! But as you can see, I also have my clear stamp sets here, too since they are in the same size cases. And below on the bottom shelves I have my extra stacks of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock. Also, there is a rack for some of my 12x12 designer papers.

Hanging on the back of the door is a really neat wrought iron card holder. It is from Southern Living and was sold for displaying Christmas cards. It doesn't hold as many as I would like, but at least I can display some of the gorgeous hand made cards my dear stamping friends have sent me. They are all so pretty, and it means so much to me to have received them!

I also have a few miscellaneous items here and there in my studio of special significance or that have great sentimental value to me. Here, by his most treasured cds (many personally sent to him by some of his famous musician friends- some with hand written notes and/or autographs) is one of my brother's microphones. As some of my long time readers know, Rich was a very successful voice over actor, so having this along with many cd's of his voice recordings, is priceless to me. I also have his cross right next to it.

And, a couple of shelves below, there is a drum stick I caught at a concert by the Doobie Brothers in the 1970's. Fun memories! :-)

This is a special gift given to me by one of my very dearest friends, Sue. She pretty much did all of the painting of the walls in this room. I'd like to think I helped a little, but it was only a little, believe me! And she and her husband Ron (who put in the paper rack) laid my floor down. Now how many friends do you get in life that will do that for you?! They are one of a kind, I'll tell you! And, their son just happens to be my contractor and has not only done this room, but countless other projects in my house. (I'll share more later.) Sue helped a lot in the designing of this room. And she is so talented! After Rob completed his work, she gave this to me. I treasure it!

Here is another look at my desk area and above.
I have some fun things here, too: the old yellow rotary phone used to be in my bedroom when I was a teenager.
And behind it (well, behind the Valentine from my husband), is a framed picture of the words "I love Sarah" written in the sand with a heart drawn around it. My sweet husband did that for me (and took the picture right before a wave came!) when he was out here in California 13 years ago. It was during the time he was starting his job here and I had to be back in Connecticut while we sold the house. It was such a crazy time for us and we missed each other terribly. I think this picture is one of the most romantic things, don't you? :-)

I also have some pictures here- of some of my kids; my Dad; my husband with with Art Linkletter (wasn't he wonderful?!); my brother Rich and me when we were little kids, of Rich with Michael Landon.... pics that make me smile when I am in the middle of something and glance up. I just love them!

Here you can see some of the embellishments I keep on my shelves to the right of the card stock. Mostly flowers- oh how I love flowers!!! Oh, and dew drops. too. Aren't those great? My sweet friend Renee turned me on to those! She sent me a whole bunch of them in a darling little tin she altered for me. There's other "bling" there too, but mostly flowers and dew drops :-)

And to the left of the paper, I have more flowers, lol! And lots of other stuff that I love to embellish with, too. Like, Stickles and Liquid Pearls (thanks for enabling me, Tracey!); Flower Soft; Glimmer Mist, etc. In the canisters I have ribbons, fibers, twine and fringes; eyelets and brads and buttons. Lots of embossing powders and glitters, too. That sort of thing.

And here are most of my wood mounted stamp sets.

To the left of the stamps, I have my grandmother's sewing table. I remember it from her house when I was young. She was an amazing seamstress! She designed and made some of her own clothes- and hats! I well remember her often knitting socks for my uncle. Or making me clothes for my Barbie. I even remember her mending my "blankie" when I was very little. I adored my grandmother and I love having this table that was hers in the room where I am my most "creative".

On top of the table is where I keep many of the cards I have made. It makes it easy to have a stash ready for when I need a card to send (or when someone else in the family needs one, lol!)
Above that is an old antique type tray. A great and fun way to display some small rubber stamps.

Last Summer I had Rob put this in here. I love it! It's a great way to get more lighting (I really needed more at night) and the fan is perfect in the warmer weather. I just have to remember not to turn it on high if I have lots of papers out especially when scrapping! ;-)

Rob put lighting in under all of my counters, too. So helpful- especially here since I often work standing up.

And my latest addition:
A slip cover made just for pets for my new love seat! This thing is awesome! I just got it yesterday and already I am crazy over it. My sweet (but black and shedding!) dog took right to this love seat. I am positive she is convinced it was put there for her benefit only! She so missed the bed that used to be in here. Anyway, this cover is nice and comfortable yet lightweight enough that you can throw it in the washing machine. The color matches well, but I think it may not have been the best choice for black fur. So, I ordered another today in chocolate brown. It will be good to have one for backup though, if the other one is in the wash.

See what I mean? Whose love seat is this, anyway?
My sweet vecro-dog! She is always by my side all day long- and night, too. I guess she does deserve the love seat, doesn't she? ;-)

So there you have it.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my room. I would love it if you'd share about your stamping space, if you have one too!
Thanks so much for visiting me today. God's Blessings to you!


Teresa H. said...

Wow Sarah! Your sanctuary is awesome! Love the paper holders in the cabinet. So glad you got it all organized! Thanks for sharing your space and hope you get in there soon to be creative!

Unknown said...

Oh Sarah, your sanctuary is incredibly beautiful. I am oooo'n and ahhh'n over here. I would just love to come over and soak in all the goodies to play with. You are truly blessed!

Pam W. said...

Well my friend, it looks great! And I know first hand what a great space you have. I so enjoyed spending time there with you.

I love the small sofa that you added and the shelving around it is perfect.

I'm just sad for you that you don't have a few more stamps and flowers. *sigh*

I'm so glad you liked the idea of the IKEA towel racks for you punches. I love mine!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your space.

Unknown said...

I've spent some time this morning "touring" your beautiful stamp room and browsing through some of your other blogs. You have a real talent for communicating and your pictures are great. I feel like I've been on a little vacation! Thanks, Sarah, for giving a lift to my day!!

Unknown said...

Great tour - and you have MAXIMIZED the use of the space...GREAT JOB!! I absolutely love the rotary phone on the desk, please please tell me it still works!!! We had one here in the house when we bought it -- you could talk on it, but it didn't ring :(. Thanks for sharing Sarah!! What a wonderful place you have for all of your crafty things!!

maureendb said...

I Love your room...of course!

Jennipher said...

Oh my word Sarah, what an incredibly organized studio you have! I am in awe and really glad to see all those wood-mounted stamps as I was beating myself up the other day for having so many and of course not being able to use them all! Thanks for sharing so many different views. I really need to get organized. Glad to see you blogging again.

Bonnie Lynn said...

Your stamp room is beautiful Sarah. You're not kidding about the Prima collection you have. Wow! I need to come south and stamp with you sometime.

Laura said...

It looks amazing! What a beautiful work area! Holy Cannoli! I think your stamps are mating. I don't remember nearly that many when I visited. heehee I love it!

Sabrina Jackson said...

Hello my sweet friend!! Oh my goodness, what an amazing space.....a sanctuary indeed!! One day, maybe one day I will be as organized as this ;D. Maybe when I have more than a corner in our guestroom,LOL!! Your space is over the it!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Jacquel said...

Wow! What an awesome stamp room you have! I am very envious of your great space....tfs & for the inspiration!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Sarah - I need to import you over to this coast and get you started on my stamping space! Thanks for sharing all your inspiration with us and the stories behind all your little touches.

Unknown said...

Hey there! Stopping by to say hi! I hope you're doing well, talk to you later. Hugs

Unknown said...

Hi...I know you're busy, just wanted to touch base. I hope you're having a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi hun, just stoppin' by to say hi and see how you're doing? Have a great day!

Sheilagh said...

WoW what a wonderful room. So neat, tidy and and heavenly haven. Enjoy your sanctuary:)

Angi Barrs said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Sarah and for your SWEET comment. I'm a new follower. And yes, my daughter is in colloge in So. Cal. (San Diego). I used to live there. Miss the weather. Are you near there?

And WOWZA...what a wonderful craft room. I could stay in there all day and play. LOVE IT.

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah, stoppin' by to touch base. How are your hands and kids feeling today? I hope you're doing well.


Mary said...

I LOVE your craft room! I'm thinking of re-doing mine to make it more organized, thanks for inspiration! Your dog is so cute! Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog!

Adnot's Inkpad said...

Your room is awesome! Finally, someone who has almost as many stamps and accessories as I do. I love the way you have your room organzied. My current room is 90' by 16'. I have been spoiled. I will be moving in the next year and my temporary will be 12' x 22. I have to figure out how to keep it Like you I have 4 rain gutters for ribbon, they are full and I need 4 more. No room to grown so I am in panic overdrive trying to downsize. thanks for all the info and showing your wonderful, amazing room. Do you have your dimensions? by chance?

krcmasterpiece said...

Wow! You are so organized! As my husband would say "You have so much stuff!" I love all the unique ways you store your "stuff"
I too believe out of sight-out of mind. You have loads of inspiration around you too & that's so important.
You've inspired me to reorganize my room! Thanks for sharing.
Maybe I'll get brave enough to share IF I get mine presentable! LOL

Heidi said...

Ok,now that I have seen this I agree that a warehouse sale would be in order. LOL! That or shall I saw those shelves of wood stamps is unbelievable. I am feeling so much better about my stamp addiction. :)

Ruby said...

Wow! That is some extreme organization! I hope you don't mind, but how long did it take you to finish reorganizing? If you are into this kind of activity or hobby, organization matters big time. Collections and sets as many as these are hard to remember where they are placed, that's why a permanent location should be implemented. Also, labeling is important if you don't want to spend a year looking for one particular thing. I am truly impressed on how you are keeping your stamp room, Sarah! Keep it up!

Ruby Badcoe @Williams Data Management