Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Garage To Craft Room- Makeover Complete!

Wanna Come Play?
I know what you are thinking, all of you who have been such wonderful, faithful readers of my blog:
"What do you know- she still exists!" Am I right? :)
Well, I could beat myself up over my prolonged disappearance or… I can just dive back in. I am choosing the latter.

So here we go. It's time to (finally) show off my new craft room!

Let me just remind you of what I left behind:

My former craft room- which I really did love, but had seriously outgrown!

And THIS garage (okay "catch-all storage space") is what I had to work with:

Wow…. looking at those photos now amazes me as to what an undertaking it was to transform our garage into my new space. It took a lot of throwing out, donating, re-organizing and just plain physical hard work- and the fabulous ideas and work of Rob- the BEST contractor ever :)

I gained a lot of space to be sure, but I need every single inch of it. This room is not just my craft room. It is also my office, my Etsy inventory storage space and my "packing shipping" area as well.

So, (drumroll please) let me introduce you to my awesome new "sanctuary"!

As we enter, there is a little area on the right where I have my mini refrigerator, little Keurig, most listened to CDs.

A bit further in and you come to the main crafting table in the center of the room, and the wall of wood mounted stamp sets

And how I LOVE my entertainment center!

A long wall of open cabinet space and my computer area

and the view of the other side opposite the entertainment center

There are SO many really great details incorporated into this space. I have many more pics to show you and lots to tell you about. There is so much to share that many of you may want to think about if you are creating a new crafting space or making changes to an existing space. 

The lighting was among my biggest concerns and I am afraid it did not allow for good photo light. I was worried about not having any natural light aside for some that comes in when I open the door. But it all worked out. Rob put in tons of under the counter lights and great overhead lighting. The lights in the ceiling fan over the table work better than I had expected, too. To be honest, I really had nothing to worry about. I LOVE working and creating in my new space. It truly is my new "Sanctuary". Thanks again to my dear friend Sue for making me this awesome framed art for my old room, and which now hangs over my NEW door :) 

So that's it for now. I will be back soon (yes- soon!) with more details. And I would love to answer any questions you post for me. 

I am also going to put together another blog candy package before long. I always love doing them and I think it will be a fun way to welcome you returning followers back, and give a warm hello to any new followers :)

Thanks so much for visiting. I am SO happy to be back here and  am really looking forward to catching up with you more!

Blessings Always~