Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Surprise

A while back I told you I'd be posting more about my birthday gifts. Well, here was my big and totally unexpected surprise:
Last month I posted about a recent trip to our favorite antiques store, and told you the story about going in there to take a second look at a beautiful pearl necklace I had seen.
But alas, the pearls were gone, and I realized any chance of owning them was gone.

Well, there is more to the story....
Beautiful, aren't they? As it turns out, when Mike went back into the store to buy me the silver bowl (to make up for my disappointment about the pearls!), the store owner told him that the sales lady was mistaken: the pearls were gone, but not because they had been sold. The owner of them (this is a consignment store) had just come in and picked them up. She was having second thoughts, but might sell them if she knew there was a buyer after all.
So, she called her up on the phone, told her she had someone there that was interested in them and wondered if she would reconsider. The lady said she'd be there within the hour! So, Mike bought me the bowl, told them he'd be back in an hour, came to the car and acted all innocent, lol!
He took me home and then went out to "run an errand at the hardware store"! I never suspected a thing! After all, when we were in the antiques store and I saw the pearls were gone, I teased him and said I thought he had bought them for me. Mike swore that he had not, and I knew he was telling me the truth! It wasn't until he went back in for the bowl that he found out he could still buy them.

So, after I had opened what I believed to be all of my wonderful birthday gifts, Mike had a funny grin on his face and said "come here". I went over to him, sat on his lap (yep- after nearly 26 years of marriage I still like to sit on his lap) and he handed me the box all wrapped up. I had no idea even when I removed the paper what was inside. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw these pearls!
Isn't this clasp just gorgeous? I think when I wear them I will turn them so the clasp shows :-)
And I can not wait to wear them! :-)


Laura said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gift! So sweet

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, the pearl are so pretty. What a sweet surprise! :)

Les said...

What an awesome gift; a dream of mine for sure! He's a keeper!

Pam W. said...

These are so pretty, and soooo you.

stampmiser said...

Wow, that is magnificent! Both the pearls and the story are incredible and a very "God moves in mysterious ways" moment, huh? So happy that you have them. They are beyond lovely; wear them in good health!