Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun New Embellishments!

Here are the awesome birthday gifts my friend Maureen gave me. She always makes the most wonderful scrapbook pages, so I know anything she chooses at the scrapbooking store is going to be awesome! I was so thrilled when I opened my gift from her and realized she'd chosen things for papercrafting!

The gift bag is so pretty- matching the cute hand stamped card.

And here are pics of the fun gifts: Beautiful olive and brown brads that are pearls, rhinestones and buttons. They are totally "my" style. I can hardly wait to use them! And the paper flowers that match- love, love, love them! There's also a container of brown flowers, and ribbon that is packaged so cleverly! It looks like a coffee drink- called Mocha Freeze. Super cute! It's filled with lots of different brown ribbons.

I have never seen any of these, which made it all the more fun. I love new products, and none are more fun than embellishments! Thank you so much, Maureen!

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maureendb said...

I am featured in a post. I am so honored!!! I love you alot my friend!