Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Tunes

Time for another "Little Something" about me:
I not only love music, but have what I think most people would consider to be a rather large collection of it. It started long ago. And by the time I was engaged to be married, it had come to the point where it might actually have been considered obsessive, lol. Mike and I have rather similar tastes in music and he had more records than most people I know- certainly more than any guy I had dated (no, that's not why I married him, haha). So, as we were preparing for life after the ceremony- the part about me moving into his apartment, we decided to have a garage sale and not only sell duplicate "stuff" we didn't need, but our duplicate record albums as well. Turns out, that meant selling over 600 records! Yep- those were just the duplicates! So... if that gives you any idea of how many records I had, then I guess it should come to no surprise that now that I am more than twice the age I was when I got married, my music collection has increased a bit.
However, I must admit many of my records came from either my brother when he worked at various radio stations and got promos, or the years that I worked at a record store and got an employee discount as well as many promos!
Well, now we also have cds. I don't feel as if I have "that" many, but maybe a lot of the reason is that they take up far less space ;-) But I do have a decent amount to say the least. I also have quite a number of autographed cds. I have been very fortunate to never have had to stand in a line to have a single one signed, though. I am happy to say I never had to feel like a groupie to get one done lol! Due to my husband's job, he meets and works with many artists and either can get me to meet them, or has them sign cds for me. Anyway, for my birthday my sweet man gave me two more autographed cds to add to my growing collection: the new one by Point of Grace (as usual, he got them all to sign!) and the latest by Scott MacIntosh. So, as I was putting them away I thought- gee, I really do have quite a number of autographed cds! I hadn't consciously "collected" them, but I think at this point they could be considered a "collection". So, I threw a pile together to show you just a sampling of them (about 50 here... I don't even know how many I have total). Thank you, Mike! I love my birthday tunes!

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Laura said...

Very cool! I love that you're blogging more!

Point of Grace used to come to our church in OK a lot when I was a teenager. They were still Say So then. Such nice ladies!