Monday, January 5, 2009

Ornaments for the Patriotic At Heart

My kids know me so well!
Every Christmas for the past several years, I have been given at least one wonderful, patriotic Christmas ornament by one of my kids or my husband. I just love them! And I now have enough so that hopefully I will have one tree next year with nothing on it but patriotic ornaments.
This year I was given a gorgeous sort of egg-shaped glass ornament with Lady Liberty on it. The front is flat, but the rest of it is curved around, kind of, well, egg shaped. It is blue that you can slightly see through and has glittering stars of Bethlehem on it. It is just fabulous. This one was given to me by my son John. He knew I would love it!

The other awesome ornament I received was from my eldest daughter Katie. She is quite the patriotic (and yes- Republican) one herself. I am almost surprised she didn't keep this cute little guy for her own tree! He is just so cute! It's a little elephant about 4 inches long and is trimmed with glitter. He came from Bonner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Oh, how fun it would be to go there some day!

Thank you Katie and John- I just adore my latest additions to my patriotic ornament collection!


okiechic said...

What a thoughtful family you have. I love those boots.

Come to Bonner's! It's only an hour from here. Caroline would LOVE it. Just don't come now. You'll freeze!

Debbi said...

How sweet! Oh, and I totally forgot to put an LOL in the boot post about it being "cold." Umm, not so much in SoCal, not cold, no.

sharonw05 said...

aargh--I had to REAPPLY to google again, so you may not see many comments from me, LOL! I am reading, tho! What I WANTED to say, before being so rudely interrupted by google, is that I love the ornaments, and boots, and you are doing a great job on the blog!