Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Grown!

Who'd have thought I'd come to love the month of January?! Having grown up in New England, and being a person who always hated the cold, this is still nothing short of a miracle for me to say that January is wonderful! But it is! Living where the temperature is typically in the upper 60's (and often warmer) in January, what's not to love? And another thing I love? My little orange tree! But I have to tell you an embarrassingly funny story about it:

A few months ago I walked by the little fruit trees my husband planted not too long ago. I have wanted fruit trees since we moved here, and he finally planted some. We had not seen much sign of fruit at that point , and I had been anxiously awaiting an actual lemon, lime or orange that did not have the word Sunkist printed on it! Mmmm... real honest to goodness home grown citrus! I could hardly wait!
Well, one day several weeks ago, I walked by our trees and noticed the biggest, most beautiful limes I have ever seen in my life! Oh, was I thrilled! I grabbed on to one of them and pulled- then yanked pretty hard; the stubborn little bugger didn't seem to want to part from the branch. Well, I got that one, and a second one too. I was so excited to show them to my husband when he came in the door. I sure hoped they'd taste good. I was surprised at how little fragrance they had.
Well, my husband was certainly surprised, too. Because my big limes were not limes at all, lol! They were oranges! Silly me- they didn't smell because they were not fully grown, hahaha! Oh what a fool I felt like! Yep- just a city girl from the North East who can't tell an orange from a lime!

So, a couple of months pass by and finally! I picked a couple of beautiful, ripe oranges! Check them out! (Oh how I wish you could smell- and taste- these beauties! Yummo!!


Debbi said...

I love oranges! Wish I could have an orange tree. I'm sure I wouldn't know the difference. I think I would have to label the trees so I could remember what was supposed to be growing on them. Great story Sarah! Oh, I and I say yummy. I don't do Rachael-isms.

Sarah Bennett said...

Ha ha! Thanks for making me feel better about my ignorance, Debbi! Actually I didn't think I was using a "Rachael-ism". I think I've just heard my youngest DD say that so much that it just came naturally, lol!

sharonw05 said...

I loved your story--and I'm sure I would've done the same thing, LOL!
The oranges look awesome! How fun to just walk outside and pick one off the tree!

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Mouth drooling at the photo.
You could give P.W. a run for the money!
Good thing I have some oranges in the fridge .... that's where I'm heading now.

Unknown said...

mmmmm...oranges...they look delish Sarah!! Cute story too - something I'd totally do too

Barb said...

YUMMMM - that orange looks good!!! Enjoy it!!
Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

Laura said...

Since this story is so funny, I'll forgive you for having such great weather. Homegrown oranges. Sigh. I need to go back to CA.

~*Joni said...

Sarah! Look at how beautiful your blog is. Those oranges look soooo yummy, I love homegrown fruits and vegetables. I just joined the world of blogging too, what a wonderful way to connect with friends. Finally I can use the computer for something else besides online shopping.;)

Susan Joyce said...

Hi Sarah

This organge looks so juicy and delicious, I bet you enjoyed every mouthful.