Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Daughter, Jewelry Maker

I have been blessed by a wonderful daughter (make that TWO wonderful daughters!). The one I am talking about today is my eldest, Katie. She's not only a very talented aspiring photographer and artist, but I have just recently discovered that she can make great jewelry, too!
For Christmas she made me two awesome necklaces. This was her first time making jewelry, and I think she did an amazing job.
She and I had seen John McCain's daughter Meghan on t.v. wearing a fabulous Tarina Tarantino necklace. Katie checked it out and found it to be a bit pricey for our wallets. Well, I guess she could not just forget about it, and set out to make her own politically themed baubles! And what she came up with was great! She even gave two of her creations to me (and one with a picture of our dog to her little sister!).
So what do you think? Are these cool, or what?!


Debbi said...

Very cool! Is there anything K can't do?

Sarah said...

Yes, Debbi, there IS! But I don't think she'd appreciate it if I told you what, hahaha! (you know what I'm talking about don't you Kate?) ;-)

Tracey said...

awesome Sarah - that's great that K is so talented!! Thanks for sharing!!

okiechic said...

Very cool! WTG, Katie!

sharonw05 said...

Katie did a great job on the jewelry! I guess I didn't realize you were as patriotic as you are, LOL!

Katie said...

What. I don't get it? What can't I do? Oh you mean walk in a straight line, or go down a flight of stairs without falling? Keep from tripping over my own feet? Laugh without peeing my pants? Go through a meal without burping? Loudly? Do simple addition?

OH - you probably mean the fact that I can't cook. Well I make a mean Easy Mac.