Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Feet

Christmas Gifts: For Stylish (and comfortable!) Feet
My sweet hubby always manages not only to get me the things I want most for Christmas, but some wonderful things I didn't even know I wanted! This past Christmas was no exception. He got me some beautiful shoes and boots that I never would have even thought to ask for. But I love them! And the best part about these gifts is the reason why he chose them: because he cares so much about me! You see, since I had my car accident in 2007 I have had a lot of back problems. And whenever I wear high heels my back bothers me even more. But I love boots and in colder weather wear them often. (I usually wear Rainbow sandals so when the Winter comes I am often unprepared as far as having warm enough footwear).
Well, I'd been wearing my great looking- but high heeled- boots and they were killing my back. So, come Christmas morning there were two boxes from him under the tree containing low heeled boots and flat shoes.
The boots are beautiful leather and remind me of my favorite leather Frye boots I had when I was about 20 year old. But these are made by Coach. I guess since Mike knew I loved the Coach handbag he got me for my birthday so much, he couldn't go wrong with Coach boots. Right he was!
And the shoes are really nice. Casual enough to wear with jeans, but so much nicer than the sneakers I sometimes wear! He got them at Bloomingdale's- a store I try to stay out of! It can be rather dangerous to my bank account when I walk through those doors!
I have not worn either of these great pairs of footwear yet- but just by trying them on I can tell they will be comfortable as well as look great.
Thanks Mike, for spoiling my feet as much as you spoil the rest of me :-)


McBetty said...

Mike's really smart knowing the exact size to get. Those shoes/boots look fab. I especially want to rub the new leather of the boots, they look so soft.

Debbi said...

Mike ROCKS!! See, he is a giant teddy bear with a heart of pure gold. Love the boots.

Tracey said...

why am I not seeing the updates...hmmmm gotta check my blogger list...

These posts are all great Sarah - thanks for some more of 'YOU' :)

Rebecca said...

Love these, what a sweet thoughtful gift from Mike!