Saturday, June 1, 2013

Room Makeovers: One Down... One To Go!

My daughter's room is finished! And... mine is very close to being finished as well :)
I just have a few things I need to have my contractor come back to do, and a couple things to get done myself as well. Then I'll be ready to christen the room with a stamp night get-together with my much adored group of stamping friends!

So, remember the pic from my last post where my dog was looking out the window of my old stamp room? Here's what that room looks like now!

Instead of a dog by the window, now one of Katie's precious kitties has decided this is her favorite place to sleep ;-)

And just to the right of the window is Katie's computer. She chose a nice shade of gray for that wall.

And this is where my antique quilt used to hang, with the love seat in front of it. Katie found this wonderful tapestry to hang... I just love it, don't you?

Hard to believe this is the same room! The wall straight ahead is where my desk used to be with my hanging paper rack. And the shelves of stamps were to the left where her head board now is.
She picked out an awesome color for that wall- it's a lovely shade of teal. As a matter of fact, when Rob painted it he said he thought that had become his favorite color he has ever painted. Yep... she's got a great eye ;) And the wall to the left where the headboard is is a fabulous color: kind of an eggplant purple. It's hard to see here, but looks awesome! She has a large pic hanging there that she took in San Francisco at sunset. It's beautiful!

So there you have it... one room down, and one to go.
I am excited to share my new studio with you- and the giveaway as well. But, to be honest, I want to make sure enough people know I am going to do a giveaway. So... if you have not already, as mentioned in my last post I'd love it if you would please give me an idea of what you would like me to include in the prize package!

Looking forward to reading your answers!!

Blessings ALways~