Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Kind Of Place

Wow! Where did the week go? I can hardly believe it's been a whole week since I last posted.
Well, Mike has been on vacation and that meant he and I actually got some time together on a weekday! So fun! And if you know me (us), you know we LOVE to go looking at/ for antiques. Both of us having grown up in New England, we know good antique places when we see them, lol! And as much as we love living on the West Coast, one down side is that we really miss antiques hunting the way we once knew it.
But we still manage to find some fun places no matter where we are. Like this one:

It sure didn't look like much from the outside....

But we know better than to let that fool us!

One step inside and I just knew we had found a good place! They really have done a nice job arranging things in here. There was a lot of Shabby Chic going on!

Check out that chandelier... wouldn't that be awesome in the boudoir?!

Lots and lots of beautiful linens and textiles...

And all sorts of other pretty things!

I just LOVE the old photographs. But I must say, I find it sad that they are in a store for just anyone to buy; usually nameless and unknown.

Wicker and lace and baby things. I just love it all!

Is this not a feast for the eyes? Oh, I could have stayed in this place all day!

So funny how so much of this stuff is what we grew up thinking was just "junk", and yet now it's so sought after and sooo pricey!!! But it really is pretty!

And how cool is this?! This row of old mailboxes is by the front doorway and they put free flyers and magazines in there. Isn't that great?

Well, believe it or not, that is just a taste of what we saw in that one store. There was actually a lot of "man stuff" too that caught Mike's attention. And yes, he bought a really fun item, which I'll show you soon. I have some other neat stuff to share with you from a couple of other places we discovered. And I think we may head back there tomorrow, so I am going to try to get some more pics.

Well, no card making or scrapbooking has taken place in my studio this week. We have a few days left of Mike's vacation and since we are also starting the 4th Of July weekend, I likely won't get back to it right away. But I am sure once the weekend is over that will change and I'll be posting some more cards soon.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy and safe holiday weekend.
And put up your flags!!!!


Kathy Jones said...

OMGosh this looks awesome!!! What an array of gorgeous stuff and yeah, I love those mailboxes!!! Enjoy your week-end!!

Pam W. said...

Thanks for sharing this "find" with us. This place would certainly draw me inside for a bit of "sight-seeing". Rodney and I loved going to places like this. I do miss those times. It's not quite as much fun doing it alone.

Please say hello to the family and give everyone my best. {{HUGS}} my sweet friend.

Unknown said...

I adore shabby chic anything and antiques...I am hoping to fins a few off the beaten path places when I drive to Nashville next week...:) Beautiful store.

maureendb said...

That store looks amazing! I could spend a fortune there. I hope your day went well today.

Jaspere said...

What a great place. Lots of fun stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome place. Thanks for sharing all that vintage beauty with us.

Maryann Meade said...

What do you mean? "Put up your flag." Only darkness and inclement weather cause ours to be out of sight!

Cindy Coutts Designs said...

WOW. I would have had a field day in this store! It's awesome. Great pictures and thanks for sharing.

~~Deby said...

This is truly my kind of shop..I would be in Shabby Chic heaven..