Thursday, August 12, 2010


My husband and I have so much fun antiquing and it's always so great when we find new places to poke around in. Remember the really cool store I posted about last month? Well, just around the corner from there we found another. Here's a pic of one of the first areas you see when you enter:

Even though it is a bit "rustic" for my taste, I have to say I think it's really cool. And you have to figure, if you want to drag your man out shopping with you, chances are, he won't mind going to a place like this!

There were lots of different "rooms" to view things, and most everything had a real "Country" feel to it.

They have lots and lots of gorgeous antique quilts. And a lot of "Americana". Great old signs all over, too. Everything is displayed really nicely. It's just a lot of fun walking around and looking at everything.

But I have to say, of all the really cool things in there this has to be my very favorite. It is an old, authentic light from a Hollywood movie set. Someone got his hands on some of these and refurbished them for home use. Is that awesome, or what?! This is really cool in real life; the picture does not do it justice. The wood is beautiful; it's in great shape. I just think it is the coolest thing I have see in a long time. They had 3 different ones; this one being the biggest. There was another one about the same height but smaller overall, and then there was another that was a lot smaller, and could fit on a table. Anyway, I could not stop looking at it, and going back to it. I am actually thinking of going back and seeing if it is still there. I have lots of New England antiques in my house, but nothing from California. This would be awesome, don't you think?

This area did not look so great at first, but let me tell you, there were some very neat things here. Many really unusual kitchen items and all in fabulous condition for their ages.

Oh- and I can't forget to show you this! I actually found this beauty across the street in yet another fun (and very large) antiques store. I thought this would be so pretty in my dining room, especially since I collect flow blue and historical blue plates. But then I looked at the price tag. Ummm.... on second thought.... maybe not! (If you can't make it out, click on the picture to enlarge.)

So there you go. Another report from one of our antiques excursions. I only bought a couple of little things there. But I think I will save them for a future post. I'll probably show you all of my "Summer finds" all together when the Summer comes to an end.

Until then, my plan is to go back and poke around some other stores in the area we did not have time to hit :-)

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I'll have some time to get into the studio in the next couple of days and do some creating!


Pam W. said...

Oh my, this looks like a fun place with all kinds of hidden treasures. We loved finding antique stores and malls to visit while vacationing.

Happy hunting!

Suz Long said...

thank you for the eye candy ;~)
please let me know where this fun spot is. I haven't been ferreting around in fun and funky shops in ages.

Kathy Jones said...

WOW - love the look of this place!! I'd love to be looking around there and finding all sorts of treasures!