Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Craft Room Progress And Giveaway Update

As I am putting finishing touches on my new studio, I am also thinking about the giveaway I told you I'd be having soon. I figured I'd update you a bit on both.

First- a few more pics of how my new space has been evolving:

See? Here the walls from my former studio are ready to be painted a new color. All the cabinets are out, the countertops removed and all the stamping and crafting supplies gone. Haha- even my dog seems to be wondering where they are! It seemed so weird having that room empty!

And where could I put everything? All that crafting stuff had to be put somewhere while the new room was being made!

O. M. G.

Yep... looks like a scene from (crafter) hoarders, doesn't it?! I thought we were all going to lose our minds having all this stuff in the living room! Weekends were the worst. At least during the week most of the family would come and go and weren't around to see it all day. And although I was here, I was also hearing the sound of sawing, hammering, etc. and was knowing that a future space for all this stuff was being constructed!

I could also peak out and see things coming along:


Ahhh.... hope.
And soon, more progression:

Yes. Walls. And soon there would be flooring. I was definitely getting excited at this point!

So as Rob kept working, I went off to IKEA to see what else might go with the cabinets from my old room that were about to be moved into the new room. 

Here I am in one of Ikea's "showrooms" with my youngest daughter. We had so much fun :)

Across from where we were sitting, was THIS!

Isn't it great? I immediately loved it and thought it would be an awesome addition for my new room. I did some measuring and when I got home I tried to figure out how (and if) it could work. I showed the pic and measurements to Rob and he thought it seemed like a good possibility. So, we decided to go to Ikea together since there were other things I had in mind as well. 

I did end up getting it, but the great thing about Ikea (or shall I say among many great things about Ikea!) is that you can customize! I ended up getting all solid doors instead of some glass, and changing the hardware. Also, Rob added more shelving inside and even another shelf under the t.v. so there is no wasted space. I am absolutely thrilled with it! I can hardly wait for you to see the end result.

Okay... that's all for now, as far as the room progression goes. I will post more soon, though. I didn't actually take any more "in progress" pics, so the next ones will be of the finished room!

As for the giveaway: I would love YOUR help with this! I want to put together a package of several things for a winner... maybe even a couple of packages so I can have more than one winner?
I am thinking of what to include. I'm planning on giving away the types of items I sell in my Etsy shop ... along with crafting items to go in your own craft space, of course ;-)

So, would you please leave a comment and tell me what your three top choices are from this list for what you would like in a prize box? I have so many choices and would love to put together gifts that you will most enjoy!

Here are some of my ideas:
For crafting:
Rubber stamps
Vintage buttons
Lace on textile spools
Patterned scrapbooking papers
Vintage/ retro items:
Fashion accessories (scarf, hankies, etc.)
Perfume Bottle
Vanity and boudoir items
Home decor (framed art, candlesticks, vase, figurine, etc.)
Antique book
China teacup

I'll look forward to your answers and soon put a prize together!

Until next time, I wish you blessings~


Scrappin Abby said...

Hi Sarah..wow I can't wait to see the reveal of your new craft studio. I love Ikea too and they have such great storage solutions. When we moved last May my craft room looked like your holding area..it was scary..lol. Hmm..it's hard to narrow down to 3 for the giveaway but here are mine if I was lucky enough to win...Vintage Buttons, Lace on textile spools, Embellishments. Looking forward to more room updates..hugs : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - Lucky you... a bigger and better craft room!! I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm sure it will be spectacular!! I loved your old craft room. :) Hmmmm - if I won your giveaway I would love something vintage/retro! And I'm a big fan of anything stamping related!
Your friend in Maine - Diana

Unknown said...

I'm so glad K was able to come back and be with you. I love her new room, and can't wait to see your new craft space!

For a giveaway I like vintage buttons, vintage/retro items, and jewelry.

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