Monday, April 20, 2009

Floral Surprise

The other day as I came walking up to my front door, I decided to take a peek at the side of the house to see if we had any more roses blooming. I was pleasantly surprised- but not by roses- by these beauties! Aren't they gorgeous? My dear friend Claudia's husband Joe planted some bulbs for us last year and I totally forgot about them. OMW- what a lovely surprise.!
Thanks, Joe! I am so glad your green thumb touched my yard. I love these!
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Debbi said...

Oh how pretty!

Jenn Fontaine said...

So beautiful! That is a great surprise!

McBetty said...

Gorgeous, love the stripes.
"By his stripes, we are healed." Remember that dear.
Are these daylilies?

Pam W. said...

I love this time of year as grass becomes green and blooms open in beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing.

BethH said...

Beautiful for sure! So pretty!