Thursday, June 25, 2009

What A Day!


Today was a crazy day! It started out just fine. But later, as I was sitting at my computer reading the sad news of the passing of Farrah Fawcett, the day just kept going down hill. I suddenly heard that awful (loud) sound of glass breaking and instantly I was filled with fear as I sprang from my chair to see what had happened. With three of my kids at home I was in panic mode as I darted through the house to make sure all of them were okay. I heard my 16 year old son yelling from up in his bedroom and when I got there I found him holding his hand with the other one and saying "I'm SO sorry!". I then saw the window behind him shattered and with big shards of glass sticking out every which way, and lots of glass on the computer desk and all around. I yelled to my other kids to stay away and to get the dogs out. I quickly checked out my son's hand and then called the doctor. They were all out to lunch but got a nurse on the phone who told me she'd contact the doctor. They soon called me back and said to go to a walk in emergency clinic or a hospital. I chose the (closer) clinic. Well, off we went and to skip all the details I will tell you that we really got out light! The doctor seemed equally as surprised as I as we reaized how minor the injuries were compared to how really bad they could have been.

Shortly after getting him patched up, I got a call on my cell phone and learned that Michael Jackson had just died. What a shock! So much sadness in Hollywood in the last day: Ed McMahon's death just yesterday; Farrah's this morning, and now this.

When we got home I had this strange reminder of Michael Jackson: as I looked at my son's bandaged hand it reminded me of the one white glove Michael Jackson was so well known to wear. To be sure, his had "fingers", but somehow this struck me as an odd reminder of a very talented, hugely famed pop star. Despite all the craziness in this man's life and all the ugly accusations and wild stories, he was one heck of an entertainer. I will never forget when my husband and I went to see him on his "Bad Tour" in 1987 (or was it '88?). What a show! We had 4th row seats on the floor of the Hartford Civic Center and it was quite possibly the best concert I have ever been to. At one point (and we have looked back and laughed at this many times) he got on to this platform of sorts- kind of like an "arm" that moved out over the crowd and performed. He ended up directly over our heads. He was so close to us that he actually was sweating ON us! I remember not knowing weather to be totally grossed out or thinking it was somehow cool that I got his sweat on me, lol! Oh, the memories of life when I was young, haha! Anyway, those are concert memories I will never forget. Amazing that at only 50 years old he has died. But what an imprint he left on the music/ entertainment world!

So, as I wrap up this day, I can only hope that there is much less to "report" about tomorrow. I will wish for a somewhat uneventful day- unless it is just filled with lots of fun and good times. It's Summer; the kids are thrilled to be out of school and the weather report is for a lovely day. Here's to making it a good one!
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Jenn said...

Great post Sarah! I'm glad it wasn't too serious. Thanks for sharing your day even if it was crazy.

Debbi said...

Yikes J! Glad it wasn't more serious. Get the boy a fly swatter, k?

MJ sweated on you? Not sure if I'd be awed or grossed out either. Too bad you couldn't have bottled it. It would have been worth a mint!