Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Of My Favorites: Damask & Mickey Mouse: Together!

On one of my recent trips to The Happiest Place On Earth I spotted one of the cutest handbags I have ever seen at Disneyland. I just have to show it to you! First of all, I love damask. And I love brown. I mean, it's not that I am attracted to the color alone so much, but I love wearing it and mixing it. Pink and brown, blue and brown, ivory and brown... brown is awesome!
So check out this ivory and brown combo! This is so great! It's a hobo style (my favorite), it's soft and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold quite a bit. The design is so stinkin' cute- the Mickey's are recognizable and at the same time, they remind me of "hidden Mickeys" as well. And they are kind of raised in a crushed velvet type material. It also came in black and white, and I am kind of sorry I did not buy that one, too. But I wear so much brown and things that this will match better with.
So, while I am having my Coach bag (that I use all the time) cleaned, I figure this will do. Pretty cute, huh?


Laura said...

Okay that is freakin adorable! I just love it.

Pam W. said...

Okay - why didn't I see one of these in September???? If I had, one of them would be in Ohio right about now.