Wednesday, September 1, 2010

scallop circle fabric flowers by Paisley

You are in for a treat! I want to share with you some of the wonderful tutorials I have found that helped me to learn how to make the flowers I have been making and posting.
Just wait til you see this precious little girl! Paisley is clearly a demo in the making! ;-) I just love this video and I have no doubt you will, too.
I have not made any flowers exactly like this yet, but I sure plan on it. And I love the idea of putting them on hair bands. I just bought a few and some hair clips and bobbi pins as well. I can not wail to find some time for this next flower phase.
So, grab a beverage and maybe a pad and paper to take notes, and get ready to learn a great way to make beautiful fabric flowers from one of the best little teachers I have ever seen!

I'll be back later to share some more of the tutorials I have found to be really helpful as well.

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