Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Stamp Room Changes

At some point, I do plan on showing you my stamp room- all of it I mean.
This room used to be my daughter's bedroom. But when she married and moved out, I grabbed the opportunity to (finally) have my own studio! :-)

The room has been through quite a transformation, and quite frankly is still not all the way finished. But... it is nearing completion at last. And, as promised, I'll share it all with you before long.

But for today I just could not resist sharing a few sneak peek pics of not just my stamping space, but also of my (most wonderful in the world) dog with you. She is my velcro dog; always wanting to be wherever I am. And I just love her to pieces! Anyway, Macy's furniture delivery came this morning with the new love seat I bought for my studio, and they were not out the door 10 seconds before Sophie was happily curled up on what I know she believes to be her new sofa!

My room is quite small- only about 15'x 11' in size. There are double doors on one wall, and then a single door on another wall. I found this wonderful antique quilt and had it hung to cover the double doors so it looks like a wall.

I used to have a twin bed there, but it was just too big. However, when I gave it away I felt as if I had made a huge mistake. I honestly did not realize how much I would miss it! It was really nice being able to sit or nap there. And if I wasn't feeling well, or my husband was sick, it was great to have the bed available, too.

This room is downstairs (all our other bedrooms are up), which I love. It's so convenient having a work area downstairs! When the kids got home from school, my youngest daughter used to love to come in here and snuggle up with the dog while I stamped or worked on the computer, etc. So she really missed the bed when it was gone, too. I am hoping this love seat will be a good replacement. One nice bonus about it is that it is also a pull out twin bed, which will come in handy for overnight guests as well.

As comfortable as she was, I knew that her black fur would cover it in no time. Sorry Sophie, but....

.... I had to make you get down just for a minute while I put a throw blanket down! Okay- now you can go back on your new bed! ;-)

So- is she one of the most spoiled dogs around? Well, I know I am not alone in my love for my precious fur baby. How about you? Do you have a pet and do you spoil him or her, too? I'd love to hear!

As always, I thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a great day today!


Unknown said...

OHHH Sarah! She's adorable! I love that chair and the quilt. Very nice so far, look forward to seeing the rest!

Leslie Culver said...

Look forward to seeing the rest. I would love a 15 x 11 room just for me! I share my craft area with our Texas Studios web/print design business and the ministry offices so to say I have a craft room is just how I make myself feel better because when I'm not working, I'm really working on playing in the same space.

Sabrina Jackson said...

Hello my friend, it has been a long time!! I've missed you to say the least! Your fur baby is adorable and I would love to have a 15x11 room to myself ;D. I have a corner, literally, of our guest room and am in desperate need of a bigger space,hehe! We don't have a dog (yet) my husband keeps on telling me that he needs another man in the house, all of us women (my 2 DD's and myself ;D) drive him crazy, he says. So, one of these days, we will get a puppy.
I hope all is well! Sending you hugs and blessings, Sabrina