Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flowers In February

Look at this little tree. It reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. No leaves on it, but it is decorated with sweet little flowers all around it. This, is Winter. Not Winter as I used to know it (when I lived in Connecticut), but Winter as I know it now. The only snow we see here is on the mountains. I took these pics yesterday afternoon when it was about 80 degrees. I never believed there would come a time when I would say I loved February. But now, I finally do :-)
This beauties are right around the corner from my house. Aren't they lovely? Nothing like flowers in Winter!!

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Anonymous said...

I sure wish I had pretty flowers to look at instead of the mounds of dirty snow that are still in the parking lots. It was 70 degrees here today though so I guess I shouldn't complain.