Sunday, February 15, 2009

Red Bread

Can you believe this? Have you ever seen anything like this?
Yesterday, St. Valentine's Day, I went in to my favorite bakery to pick up some freshly baked bread. I thought you all would get a kick out of seeing what I came home with.

Our usual favorite- challah, (a braided, Jewish egg bread) was not looking "usual" at all! In honor of Valentine's Day, the bakers used red food coloring to color it red, lol! I know it doesn't change the taste at all, but it is a bit strange. I originally wanted 2 loaves of their delicious "egg colored" bread, but since they only had one loaf left, I took one of the red loaves as well. You should have seen the look on my kid's faces when they saw their favorite bread decked out for the holiday!

Now.... just wait until Easter. What they do with their bread for that day is really over the top! ;-)


Unknown said...

ha ha ha- that is great Sarah! oh, and yes, I totally know that een though it doesn't change the taste, it is stil 'weird'. totally a mind over matter thing - but still. Hope you had a great day with your red bread ;) love you!

Laura said...

Too funny! SO how did it taste or was it too weird to eat?

Pam W. said...

This is the most festive loaf of bread I've ever seen. haha

Unknown said...

How funny! I don't think I could eat it though - it's just not right, kwim?

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Don't forget to stop by there on St. Patrick's Day. That's before Easter.

Anonymous said...

It looks great and it would be so much fun to eat. My kids would think it was so cool. I need to remember to stop at that bakery. Their bread is so good. Maureen

PS. See I finally did it!!!