Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closet Makeover Completed!

My closet is done! And what a difference! Come see for yourself ;-)

My closet is kind of an odd shape. It's not real big, but everything my contractor did to put every bit s space I have to good use was nothing short of amazing, if you ask ne. I just love the outcome!
It measures approximately 7 feet wide by 8 feet deep. The ceilings are over 8 feet high. So, he put shelving completely around the entire closet which is awesome! The shelves are almost 14 inches high and 15 inches deep. Perfect for all my shoes and boots (and more).

Okay, so here is the pictorial tour. It's kind of hard to get a real feel for it. Taking pictures of a small space doesn't always give you an accurate idea. But I'll describe things as best I can.

The first shots are of it all finished, before I put all my stuff back in:

The picture above was taken after walking in and turning to the extreme left.

This one is taken towards the right side. I love that odd shaped shelving. It holds a lot, with the left side open and the other side hidden. I think it will be great for hiding Christmas and birthday presents ;-)

Oh, and you can see the first- and thankfully the only!- "snag" we ran into. I was going to keep the carpeting. I do like carpet under my feet in the closet. But, it turned out there was a spot that we did not realize was not carpeted (under a wood divider). And patching it was not going to look too great. I figured if it's going to be done, let's do it right. So, I decided to have the same wood floor put down that we just had put in our bedroom.

Above you see more shelving that I mainly wanted for jeans. I also decided to have a couple of drawers and some shelves with doors.

And here is what it my closet looks like now that I have it loaded up again!

The photo above is the area you see when you fist open the door, looking a bit to the left

This pic of my tops hanging was taken looking a little more to the left

And, after donating about 25-30 skirts, all of my skirts now hang together without being totally squished and getting terribly wrinkled. I love that!

And this is the shelving to the far left. Mostly I have knit tops there that don't really need hanging.

The picture above is looking straight ahead when you open the doors.

And this is a bit to the left side. See how great those half hidden shelves are? They are really quite deep and work perfectly for handbags, oversized tote bags (I have lots for taking to the beach) and for my sweat pants and sweat shirts that I only wear during the winter months.

To the right are my blouses on top, and my hanging sweaters and short jackets on the bottom.
To the right of those are all my jeans. I love having them folded on shelves like in a store. :-) Again, I weeded out and got rid of sooo many pairs that didn't fit. I even have enough room for my favorite sweats that I wear more often than those others on the "hidden" shelves.

And moving along more towards the left, you start to see the last unit.

I love this area. It's nice to have a spot for my perfume and jewelry. And I may keep the"currently in use" purse there too. That is, if I can handle being so organized, lol!

I just love this shelf. It's nice to have some "special" things in the closet to help make it a pretty space. I had DH hang the little framed picture this morning. My Mom gave me that several years before she died. It says "Love bears all things" (1 Corinthians 13:7). I love the frame, and think the colors work well there. The crystal ash tray holding the pearls was Mom's from about the 1940's, and has her initials engraved in it. You can see more about the perfume bottles in another post I did HERE.
And the little antique hand painted porcelain dish also belonged to my mom. As for the jewelry box, that actually used to be my daughter's but she didn't use it much and several years ago I asked her if I could adopt it, lol. It's the perfect size ;-)

And here is one of the nice little "extras" that makes things easier and nicely organized: the belt racks hanging up on the side of the cabinet. They are pretty much hidden. I have double sliding mirrored doors, and usually open the one to the left. These are behind the door on the right.

And as funny as this may seem, this is among my favorite things! It's a retracting valet pole. You hardly see it. But it's there, and it's wonderful! I often used to hook the top of a hanger around another and turn it so I could hang things to "build" and outfit, kwim? This way I have a pole I can just pull out to hang stuff on, like this:

Isn't that great? I know, silly, but those are the little things that can make such a difference, you know?

And above, you can see some of the 40 new clear shoe boxes I got from The Container Store. I was so sick of all the ugly beat up and miss-matched shoe boxes I had, but I wanted to keep my shoes clean and dust free. And this way I can see them and not have to play the guessing game as to what pair is where. Perfect!

I also got some matching boot boxes. They are great!

And finally: No more clutter on the floor! :-)

I only have a few things left to finalize my closet make-over:

Since I had the carpeting ripped out, I think I will get a little area rug to put down. Not sure what kind or shape. Maybe round? (If you have any thought or ideas, I'd love to hear them!)

Also, I ordered THIS wood 2-step folding step stool online from Amazon. I need one to get up to the top shelves and don't want to keep the ugly metal one we have in here. It was on sale for $47.00 (list price is $57.99) and there was free shipping, too! (I hate paying high shipping!)

I also may buy some wire baskets or something for the space under the shelves on the floor that is not being used. I don't want to get back to having too much in here, but this is just wasted space, which makes no sense. Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

And finally, I am thinking maybe some pretty hat boxes would look fabulous on top of the empty high shelves that you see when you first open the doors. What do you think? Any ideas where to find some???

Well, there you have it. Another mission accomplished!
Thanks for taking the time to go on my closet tour with me.
Next time, I will be sharing with you a lovely card my friend Maureen made- and my CASEd version of it as well.

Until then, take care and have a great week!


sharonw05 said...

Wow--it looks awesome!

Noemi said...

I like your closet... and I quite like your clothing too!

There are a strange hapiness to have new furnitures, isn't it?



~*Joni said...

Oh Sarah this is just beautiful! A dressing room fit for someone special like you. Your clothes are amazing, what a beautiful look into your personal style! Enjoy it - I am sure it starts your morning off quite nicely already. ;) HUGS Sarah!!

Pam W. said...

WOWZER!!! Rob did a superb job creating the perfect closet for you. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Sarah, oh my goodness, this is phenomenal! I love the way the clothes flow easily and definitely like the jeans all nicely folded on the shelves. Yes, a couple, not to many baskets would look pretty, but what do you want to put in them?
I also love that pole for putting an outfit together? So ritzy girl! Love it!!

Jenn Fontaine said...

You did a wonderful job! I liked how you walked us through with words and pictures~it is great!!

Sabrina Jackson said...

Hi there, Sarah, girl, your closet is a girls dream!!! Love that everything has it's place and so beautiful looking!! Hope all is well, you have not been over to see me in a while :C:C. Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Jackie said...

Well, I'm extremely jealous! Your closet is fabulous & I can't think of anything to add except maybe a circle rug since your closet is square. It's truly fabulous Hun & enjoy it!!!!!

Miss Molly said...

It turned out great!!! Thank you for sharing!

Jennipher said...

WOW! Girl, you are so organized. I am so envious of you.