Thursday, October 21, 2010


My last post was dedicated to Doni's blog giveaway. This evening I would like to join her "Pearls & Lace Thursday" party ( which you can find here ) and share some special little things that I have that have- not surprisingly- pearls and lace on them.

I'll begin with the lace. Well, I have lots and lots of the "traditional" kind, but thought I would share something a bit different.
These two little porcelain shoes are trimmed with the most delicate china lace you've even seen. Some has been broken off of the larger shoe (and a little on the smaller one as well), but the shoes are still in very good condition otherwise.

The pink "lace" on this one is so pretty and looks so sweet underneath the flower.

Although the gold is worn a bit around the lace of the larger shoe, the writing remains very clear: "Good Luck to you who wears this shoe" is written all around it. And don't you love the little 4 leaf clover inside it? So cute!

I don't know much about them. But I remember well the day that they were given to me over 30 years ago by a dear friend of my grandmother's. After my grandmother passed in 1972, this delightful lady whom I called Aunt Genie became sort of an "adopted" grandmother to me. I have no idea how long she owned them herself, but I cherish them still as they remind me of this wonderful woman who meant a great deal to my precious grandmother, and who became like a grandmother to me.

As for the very small pearl necklace (I had to include something with pearls!), that was given to me by my Godmother when I was a very little girl. The chain is very small and I couldn't possibly get it around my neck today, but it is sweet. Hopefully some day I will have a granddaughter who could wear it ;-)

So there you have it- my contribution to Doni's Pearls & Lace Thursday. Sorry to get it in so late in the evening, but I was too busy with "life", my kids, etc. all day to get to posting until now. I am about to head over and see who else attended the party today. Hope you'll join me!

Oh- and I am already thinking of what I will share for the party next week :-)

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Doni said...

Hi Sarah!! I've never seen shoes like that nor have I ever seen china lace! How beautiful, and the story behind them is so precious...I know you must think of her many many times as you look at those shoes...and I know that she would be honored to know that you cherish them. Now I must have a look for something like that...the lace and flowers are so delicate and pretty. I love your pearl necklace too, and hope you have a granddaughter too someday! I don't know who on earth will end up with all my 'stuff'! I have 2 sons, 3 nephews, and NO girls are in the family yet!!! HOPEFULLY, I'll have a few granddaughters who love this stuff!
Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I've had so much fun coming up with things to share...I'd love for you to join me any time you like.
I noticed on your blog that you received a Shining Light award for My Daily Bread stamps! I love those stamps! I just ordered some more sets last month and haven't had time to open them up yet and start playing. I love making cards and fact, that was what my 'room' was dedicated to until about a year ago when I got started back in the garage sale mode....I love sales!! And the list continues...
Have a blessed week and again thanks so much for joining me!