Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Never HAILS In California?

Crazy Day! We had rain yesterday and were happy to hear the forecast that the storm would soon be moving out. It was not "supposed" to rain today, but as my husband was leaving for work it started to pour. Then, about 10 minutes later, we heard a noise very rarely heard here: hail! I think this was only the second time I have seen hail here in Southern California in the last 10 years. I called my daughter to quickly come down and look outside, since this was such an unusual sight. She was not sure what to make of it- and actually thought it was snow (she's grown up here- how would she know, lol?!).

This top photo is of the concrete out by our back patio.
This is the black back door mat
Want to sit out back and have an iced tea with me? LOL!
The dog's water dish- with a flower petal that was blown nearby.
Have a seat, haha!

Now the sun returns!
Here's what came out of the rain gutter.
I have never seen this on my windshield in So Cal!

So, today I was planning on posting a card I made for a swap I am in. Actually I may use it for two swaps. I needed to make a card using new SU! catty stamps, and I also need to make a card for a "masculine" theme. This one should work for both. I'll try to post it later today.... after we dry out and I warm up. It's only in the low 50's! I need to crank up the heat!!

Hope you all are having nicer weather than the crazy hail storm we saw here today! :-)


Tracey said...

WOW Sarah - the pic that really got me was the rain gutter one :) you almost had a little pile of 'snow' hee hee. Well - I'm glad you all got some rain anyway, even if you did have a suprise! Thanks for sharing those photos!

Amy H said...

WOW, Sarah!! I bet SoCal makes the national news tonight with this!! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

sharonw05 said...

Wow--you had a good bit of hail! I esp. loved the picture of the sun shining on the hail, LOL!

okiechic said...

Holy Cannoli! That weather is as weird as Dick's hat band. It did that once last year in MoVal. I thought surely it was a once in a blue moon event. I guess not! I'm glad you're all okay.

Anonymous said...

Wow! holy hail!

Debbi said...

Wow, that's really crazy! Like Tracey, the rain gutter pic was astonishing. Yikes! At least it looked like "little" hail, not the golf ball crack-the-windows-dent-the-car kind.

Paulette said...

Holy Hail Storm! OMW! Glad it melted quickly! Thanks for sharing the pix!