Saturday, December 25, 2010

More Christmas Decorations


As promised, I am back with some more photos of my Christmas decorations.
By mistake, I left out one of my glass bowls of antique ornaments in my last post. Since they are my very favorites (and oldest), I wanted to be sure to include them.

I remember all of these so well from my childhood. Some had been my grandmother's, and some my great-grandmother's. The blue bowl that sits on a carved wooden stand was my Mom's.
Here they are spread out on a table so you can get a better look at them. Old, fragile, worn and with obvious signs of having been set out for many Christmases, I just adore them.

This little tree is decorated with many handmade ornaments, most of which were lovingly crafted by my husband's mother. And the wooden Santa was made by her brother, who was not only my husband's uncle, but his Godfather as well. He died a few years ago and his wife died earlier this year. Their son very recently sent this to us along with several other wooden figures that his father made. One is a chef that I put in the kitchen, and some of the others I will put out in the garden. It was so generous and such a nice gesture; one that meant a lot to my husband.

The birdhouse was made by a local crafter. I got it at the boutique at the Victorian house that I shared with you a couple of months ago.

Here is another view of my mother's creche. Both the table and the mirror had belonged to my grandparents. After my grandmother died, my Mom had them in her front hallway. Each year she would put the creche on this table. The drum is an actual Civil war drum that my husband has had for many years.

I took this photo in the evening. The tree and the room look so pretty at night.

This shot was taken while standing about half way up the stairs. I took it before I was through decorating, but I like the way the lighting came out.

Here is a view of the staircase. I can't believe my husband bought that little tree without measuring and it just fit! The quilt hanging on the wall was made by the wife of one of my ancestors who was in the Civil War. It was given to me by my very dear and generous cousin (her Mom was my mother's sister and had owned it previously). What an awesome gift; I absolutely cherish it!

Here is another shot of the tree, but this one was taken during the day. My youngest daughter decorated it completely by herself. I think she did a wonderful job! :-)

This was taken in the dining room. My living room and dining room are actually combined. It's nice having the open feeling with the high ceilings. But it's not a very large space; it has a nice cozy feel to it.
The dining room table, chairs and the crystal chandelier belonged to my grandmother. So did the cabinet. The little chest between the tree and the cabinet was my Mom's.

Another picture taken from the dining room, this time looking towards the living room area. It may be hard to tell, but that is my old player piano piled high with gifts. My mom always put gifts on her piano, too.

Those are pretty much all the pics I took of my decorated-for-Christmas home.

And now we come to the close of Christmas day. The gifts have all been opened, we have had a wonderful day of celebrating and enjoying time with one another, and eaten a lot of delicious food. Some of my exhausted family has already gone to bed.

But let's not forget that there are twelve days of Christmas! Good thing, because I am far from ready to put all of these decorations away. I want to enjoy them for a bit longer ;-)

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you liked my little house tour. Or shall I say, corner of my house tour ;-)

I hope you'll stop by tomorrow. I will be having the drawing for my blog candy prizes!

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Pam W. said...

Oh Sarah, I've so enjoyed "spending" a bit of Christmas time with you. Your home looks lovely and I remember sitting in the living room with you and Whitney last year. I cherish the talk and the laughs that we shared together. And seeing your decorations, I feel as though I am sitting right there with you again.

Much love to you and your dear family. Holiday hugs coming your way.