Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Minute "Little Somethings" Gingerbread House Gifts

No matter how far in advance I plan, or how many extra little gifts I have on hand, I always seem to run short at Christmas time. That is one of the many reasons paper crafting is such a good hobby. At least I can whip up a "little something" for someone- or, in this case., several someones! And it also makes it easier to "justify" all my supply purchases ;-)

Recently I made these for my Daughter's birthday, so everyone could take one home after the party.

I had seen the Sizzix Gingerbread House Die at their warehouse sale last month, and hemmed and hawed over it- wondering if I'd ever actually use it. I decided not to buy it. Then, when I returned back to the sale the following day (you don't think I could resist going back for day two, do you?) I was overcome by temptation. I just could not resist. And boy am glad it was still there! I am just loving these, and they are so super fun to make!

I decided to put some liquid applique on them for "snow", but I've had my tubes for a couple of years now and it has yellowed a little bit. (Ewww... yellow snow? On gifts? I think not, lol!) So, I got out my favorite glitter, Stampin' Up!'s Dazzling Diamonds. I know, I will use any excuse to sprinkle some of that on just about any project, haha. But seriously- it totally fixed my yucky colored snow dilemma!

Then I thought maybe the heart on the house would be even cuter if it had some sparkle too. So I used XMas red Stickles. So pretty!

I was almost finished when I decided a little Christmas tree would be a cute addition. I had to do a lot of searching through my stuff before I came upon this adorable one. It's from a Sizzix strip die, and just the right size. I added some gold Stickles on it for the lights, and I just love it. Then I added gold Robin's Nest dew drops for the door knobs. And they were done. Well, ready to be filled anyway.

I put red and green tissue paper in them and then filled them to the brim with candies: Hershey kisses- milk chocolates in Christmas colored wrappers; Candy Cane Hershey Kisses (have you tried them? They are sooo yummy!); Candy Cane salt water taffy; Toffee and Almond Hershey Nuggets; little Belgian chocolates, and mini candy canes.

They were such a hit!

So... guess what my husband asked me to make for him to take to a bunch of people he works with?

I'd better get back to work... I need to have them all finished by tomorrow night so he can take them to his Christmas luncheon on Tuesday ;-)

I hope you like my gingerbread houses. Don't forget to leave a comment so you'll get an entry for the prize drawing (see last post for all the details- and be sure to specify which prize you want to be entered for).

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Katie Keller Photography said...

Did he really ask that? Hahaha. They are so cute and pretty. I love how you explained all the work that went into it. They are great!!!!

Rebecca said...

They're really cute! I bet the people getting them will love them!

Vicky Alberto said...

super cute

Stephanie Lizmore. said...

What a great idea! They're so cute! And glitter is perfect for this time of year, it makes them even more festive. :) And I agree with you! Candy Cane Hershey's are delicious!

sharonw05 said...

These are absolutely adorable! The red heart and the christmas tree are the perfect touches! And I just tried the candy cane kisses last week. OMGosh, they are yummy!

Wanda said...

love your gingerbread houses!!!
best regards,

maureendb said...

Oh My Goodness...those are the cutest things I have ever seen. I want to make some too!